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“When did you first love me?” she asks, yet again.
“I await your reply. Did it happen just when

We gave each first glance as the sun came to rest?
Did it happen that Christmas we remember in jest?
Was it slowly and surely, as time has progressed?
‘Nother time you recall, to which you can attest?

Please tell me, my love, when’d you conquer the fright?
Was it after the dinner and movie that night?
Was it after I kissed you your heart took to flight?
Was it when you first saw me arrayed in bright white?

Pray, tell me, my love, for I do want to know
The moment your love for me started to grow.”

“I’ll tell you precisely the moment as such
When I came to love you so very much.

It all started long before your very birth,
Before heaven and sky and a rumbling earth
Took shape and the raindrops and sunrise showed worth,
And the angels sang forth for creation in mirth.

My love has its source in a limitless place
Where the Lord is the ruler and the saints see His face,
Where the clock cannot tick because time has no pace,
And the love that exists, no one e’er can efface.

The answer is clear, my dear love, don’t you see?
God chose me for you and He chose you for me.
You must know that our God whom we trust will agree
That my love was born ‘midst eternity.

Do you believe this my dear?
You needn’t have fear.

I am yours now and then.
I am yours till the end.”

For Jennifer.