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Been such a long while,
Since the planets were made,
Since first shone the sun and trees first gave their shade,
Since heaven broke loose and the hells were all stayed,
Since this shapeless world became fully arrayed.

Been such a great age
Since afore me you rose,
Since first your smile threatened to wrinkle your nose,
Since first your eyes whispered your soul and its prose,
Since first was I sure you could temper my woes.

Been, oh, but a frame,
Since a verse has been born,
Since a blossoming rhyme to raise the forlorn,
Since sonnets of care ‘pon your brow to adorn,
Since lyrical jests danced to brighten your morn.

And tho’ this be true,
What time cannot subdue…

Been only a blink
Since I last thought of you,
Since I was reborn, my heart kindled anew,
Since my ev’ry breath, again, taken for two,
Since God winked a glimpse of your love and its hue.

For Jennifer.
The Nativity of Our Lord – 25 December A.D. 2014
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