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At over 620 glorious pages, the Reverend is back and better than ever in this follow up edition to the popular The Angels’ Portion: A Clergyman’s Whisky Narrative. Here in Volume II, Thoma mesmerizes readers once again as he carries them along in exploration of “aqua vitae” through his signature style of vivacious storytelling. And all along the way, it will be as he prophetically warns: “You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll question humanity. You’ll see life differently. You’ll pour another of your favorite drams and give thanks for the gifts you’ve been given.”


“The Force is definitely strong with this one. Wait… wrong meeting. Either way, this is one of the most entertaining whisk(e)y books I have had the pleasure of reading, humorous and informative at the same time. Perfect for a quiet night enjoying a dram on the Death Star.”
Scotch Trooper

“With due respect to Thoma’s modesty, he proves that the clergy and drink fit hand in glove with every page. The insight he offers on a range of whiskies is approachable to all, like a well-crafted cask strength, and his comments are carried off with a storyteller’s flair.”
Author of Stonewall Goes West and Mother Earth, Bloody Ground
Managing Editor for

“A delightful read, not just for his thoughts on whisky, but for his brilliant observations on life. The Reverend’s passion pours out through every page and paragraph.”

“As the Scotch Test Dummies, Scott and I have a compatriot in Reverend Thoma. Star Wars, zombies, and so much more, The Angels’ Portion Volume II is real whisky reviewing with a heavy dose of whimsy—just the way the Dummies like it!”
Co-host of The Scotch Test Dummies

“Thoma’s reviews are as delightful—and varied!—as uncorking an untried bottle and sampling a wee dram. Rich in metaphor and exuding wit, this clergyman’s descriptions of his whisky wanderings will leave you as a good sermon should: blissfully content but desiring more.”
St. Peter Lutheran Church
Shaker Heights, Ohio

“Reverend Thoma’s skill at weaving personal stories with creative, witty descriptors of whiskies is unparalleled. He is always on point and brutally honest. A must read for all us whisky geeks.”
Author of Whisky Tales: Tastings and Temptations

“Reverend Thoma has a way with words and whisk(e)y. From T.S. Eliot to UFOs, he eloquently and methodically tears apart the taboo of liqueur and religion. With wit, wisdom, and perfectly placed humor he carries the reader along on an unforgettable journey which is best experienced with a glass of fine Scotch.”

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Ten Ways Cover Full 6X9 - Grail Quest front

A collection of short stories, Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor peeks behind the curtain and shines a light into what has become for so many in ministry, a very dark place. From abusive members to impossible schedules often resulting in failing health and family decay, Ten Ways presents church-goers with an opportunity for personal reflection as well as gives voice to the often undetectable “hurts” lurking behind the pastor’s smile.

What People are saying about Ten Ways

“Sharing experiences is important. The sharing of experience isn’t to stop. And while seminary courses, field work, and vicarage assignments all serve important roles in forming pastors for dealing with people, Chris Thoma brings together and shares the often unteachable experiences in Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor. A Lutheran minister, Thoma faces off with ten troubling situations that often confront pastors and their families, and he does so through easy to read vignettes. Each is presented so vividly that the reader—whether pastor, spouse, or layperson—will ask silently, ‘How is it that he knows me so well?’ They are incredibly real and reflect life in the ministry from a very important perspective. Each chapter being a mirror of a pastor’s soul, I highly recommend this as a resource to be studied and discussed by pastors and laypeople alike. The Lutheran Confessions speak of the ‘mutual consolation of the brethren.’ Thoma has provided a place where the need for that consolation can be identified and the effort begun.”
Chairman of the Systematics Department
Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Author of Discourses in Matthew and James: The Apostle of Faith

“This book provides a real and gritty depiction of the pastoral ministry. Pastor Thoma does a great service to the church by exposing the abuses that many pastors often endure while presenting the ever present comfort of Christ Jesus. There is tremendous comfort—even in the midst of tremendous pain—knowing that God is not at war with His people.”
Pastor of Saint Luke Lutheran Church
Haslett, Michigan
Author of Being Lutheran

“It is difficult for many church members to fully understand the demands of pastoral ministry. Chris Thoma helps by presenting ten high-stress scenarios caused by congregations that have the potential for destroying pastors.”
President, Making Life Count Ministries, Inc.
Author of Pastor Abusers: When Sheep Attack their Shepherd

“A defibrillator that delivers a therapeutic jolt of truth straight to the Christian heart!”
Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church & School
Murray, Utah
Author of The Gift and the Defender


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The Angels’ Portion: A Clergyman’s Whisky Narrative

ap-vol-1“Did you know that Darth Vader prefers Lagavulin? Were you aware that Santa Claus keeps a bottle of Caol Ila on the shelf? Have you heard that Scoresby was squeezed from the very veins of the Devil himself? Emerging from the mind of a surprising whisky connoisseur, The Angels’ Portion is a substantial assortment of whisky reviews like none you’ve ever read before. By means of storytelling, and with charming wit and vibrant style, Reverend Christopher I. Thoma shepherds the reader toward a divine insight: If you don’t like whisky, it may only be because you haven’t danced with the right bottle.”

What People are saying about The Angels’ Portion

51P-cV5JjpL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“The Reverend Christopher I. Thoma admits that not everyone thinks whisky and the clergy go hand in hand. The Angel’s Portion should satisfy those doubting Thomases. In it, he weaves theology, poetry and good conversation for a quenching narrative, whether you’re thirsty for a great whisky recommendation or just some friendly companionship as you curl up with your favorite tumbler. As a pastor with an astute palate, Thoma’s whisky reviews are truly divine.” – Chantal Martineau, author of HOW THE GRINGOS STOLE TEQUILA, The Modern Age of Mexico’s Most Traditional Spirit. You may visit Chantal Martineau at

215_1_TheSinEater(1)“Pastor Thoma knows his spirits – from the cloud of witnesses to these mighty whiskies. The Angels’ Portion is a kind of tithe – a tax we pay on the time it takes to get things right. And though I haven’t had a drop in years (it got to where I spilled too much…) this whiff of those hovering uraeuses – the tongues of fire — these holy ghosts are happily haunting. Praise be!” – Thomas Lynch, author of THE SIN EATER, THE UNDERTAKING, and many others. You may visit Thomas Lynch at

“This was the most entertaining ‘review’ I’ve ever read. It was an entire book of reviews. On whiskey. By a Lutheran minister. The indexing of them is outstanding, they are listed by name so one doesn’t need to thumb thru the entire book to find the one they want. The book is laid out like an anthology, with each whiskey having it’s own entertaining chapter (really, anywhere from a couple to a few pages per chapter). The first one was a space alien, hiding his stash from human searchers on his home planet. Fantastic. Funny. I liked it. A lot!” – S. Burton

“Highly entertaining, a single malt lover’s dream of a book.” – R. O’Brien

“This is a very fun, engaging, quirky book. I’m not really into whiskey, or whisky. Yet his writing style has held my attention. Buy this book, but don’t let it age on your shelf for over 12 years before reading. This book comes out of the barrel ready to drink.” – Rufus123

“Fun approach to Scotch Whisky Books! Most entertaining and informative and a fresh way to speak about Scotch whisky, well done and a joy to read.” – R. Freebairn

“The book you pick up for the reviews, but leave with renewed faith… You will be surprised to find a lot of Pastor’s faith, life, and living antidotes throughout the book. You will enjoy his humor, and sometimes his seriousness as he reviews the many Scotch whisky’s he has slowly, and with moderation, enjoyed and reviewed. Cost causes one to savor things with great care! You will get to know pastor Thoma very well after reading this book… You will enjoy this book!” – Kurt

“Whisky wisdom. I loved the whisky reviews from a very imaginative and creative pastor. I’ll never sip a glass of Scotch the same way again. Thoma opened up a whole new world of appreciation for Scotch in this fun book. I’ll probably wonder what literary or blockbuster movie characters would have thought of the bottle I just opened. I’m looking forward to Angel’s Portion Volume 2.” – Steve

“Fun read. We enjoyed the stories and reviews of the different scotches. Thank you for giving us many smiles along your journey. Cheers!” – Suzanne


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Where Dreams Ponder People

Dreams Front Cover

A simple collection of rhythmic reveries sure to delight, each having been observed and snatched from the everyday joys (and sometimes sorrows) of family and vocation. In pace with the likes of Shel Silverstein, Reverend Thoma employs various poetic forms to tell stories, thereby leading the reader to behold the comforting hand of a loving spouse, a little girl coloring her page, the ancient contours of the city of London, a captured bolt of lightning, and so much more.


Additional volumes available through


The Homiletical Canvas: Poetry in Service to Preaching     (178 pages)

BookCover6x9_BW_170“Thoma has designed The Homiletical Canvas to help preachers recognize that among God’s people the greatest place for flexing the muscle of creativity is not the rites and ceremonies of public worship, but rather the sermon is the means to meet the need. Here, the preacher can express with colorful ingenuity the vibrant beauty of the Gospel, and he has the opportunity to offer this sacred truth with the voice of a poet. And because the preacher’s primary tool for expression is the spoken word, Thoma examines how language may be used in order that the preacher’s skills improve toward this end, eventually concluding that the study of poetry is crucial to the art of homiletics as a joyful expression of faith. Faith, by its very nature, reaches out for the tools of language (poetry and rhetoric), not despising them, but holding them as means for colorful expression. And with this, men are equipped for “grasping the sacred truths, as well as for handling them skillfully and successfully” (Luther). This is the task of the preacher in the Lord’s church, to take hold of the sacred truths, to handle them skillfully in order that the end result of service, by God’s grace, will be that the hearers receive and remember the pure preaching of God’s Word in its beauty and splendor.”

Feeding the Lambs: A Worship Primer for Teachers of Children   (144 pages)

Feeding the Lambs front cover

Feeding the LambsBack Cover“Thoma explores the depths of worship and its relevance in the lives of children while offering insights which encourage teachers of children to celebrate ancient rites and ceremonies as time-tested tools for building faith.”

Kids in the Divine Service (Available from the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.)


Now is the time to teach your child what is going on in worship. Whether a child is two or twelve, there is so much that can be done to lead our children into the riches of the Divine Service. The information on this page is offered with the intent to help you instruct your child or for the pastor to instruct the youth of his congregation in why we do what we do on Sunday mornings.

About “Kids in the Divine Service”

This bulletin insert is a great way to teach children about the church’s worship. You may order Kids in the Divine Service by sending a check made out to the LCMS for $12.95 to:
LCMS Worship
Attn: Diane Grimm
1333 S. Kirkwood Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63122-7295

View a sample Kids in the Divine Service
View a sample Table of Contents

Why is this important?

“Impress these words upon your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” (Deut. 6:7).

The Word of God we receive in the Divine Service goes with us, out into the world and into our everyday callings as parents and children. Kids in the Divine Service is written for parents and children to read and talk about together.

Although some of the vocabulary and concepts may be best understood by children ten years of age and older, there are many parts of Kids in the Divine Service which can be understood, experienced and appreciated by younger children. No matter what age child may read (or be read to from) Kids in the Divine Service, parents should be encouraged to work through these bulletin inserts with their children and answer questions as they arise. Parents will probably learn something, too!

 How does this work?

Kids in the Divine Service is distributed as reproducible masters for congregational use. Congregations purchasing a copy of Kids in the Divine Service receive permission to make as many copies as are needed for use within the congregation.

The page, “What is Kids in the Divine Service all about?” can be photocopied on the back of each Kids in the Divine Service bulletin insert or excerpted as an announcement in the main bulletin.

Kids in the Divine Service may be distributed for congregational use in a variety of ways:

  • in Sunday morning bulletins.
  • as a take home piece from Sunday School.
  • in school or church newsletters.
  • in any other way you can think of.




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