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Talk about a loving family.

The dinner conversation turned from what we would do on our upcoming vacation to embarrassing events in each of our lives that the others wouldn’t allow us to live down.

Josh started the whole thread by aiming a rather embarrassing moment at his brother, Harrison, and I might as well tell you what it was because we have a photo of it hanging on our wall.

At the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World, Harrison more or less freaked out for a moment. The thing is, we weren’t even on the ride nor were we waiting in line. We were taking a picture in front of a staged crypt near a horseless carriage by the entrance. The picture is a thing of wonder because it was captured at just the moment when he began to lose his cool. Everyone else in the family is looking on and smiling, even his little sister who was about three years old at the time, but Harry is cemented in a leaning pose, as if about to run, with an emerging look of terror on his face.

But in the end, he loved the ride. I know this because I rode it with him, and when it was over, he wanted to ride it again. So, we did.

Still, Josh won’t let him live the photo down. Not to worry, though. There were a few events in Josh’s life that I was able to share with his brother so that he doesn’t remain unarmed in future duels, and some of the stories, well, they’re so much worse than a fearful look in a silly photo at the entrance to the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.

And no, for the sake of Joshua’s very near future, I won’t be sharing his scars.

This Highspire Whiskey under the scope, I think it would have a few stories to offer to the aforementioned conversation, although in the end, it would seem that there’s relatively little to shame it.

Right away, you can tell it’s young in that there’s an almost immediate emittance of barrel sour. I was surprised that very little of what one might expect from a Rye whiskey was actually present, although, even as a youthful whiskey, it seems to have a few of the traditional charms.

In the mouth, there’s honey and currants followed by a wash of a drying wood spice at the edge—which appears to be the only real evidence of the rye at its heart. All of this comes together in the medium finish as a downstream wash of the red berries atop a slice of buttermilk pie.

Enjoyable. It starts off with a look of fear, but then the ride itself ends up being better than you expected—just like the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.