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20160603_070643Evelyn poked herself in the eye with a pencil? That’s great! I mean, that’s terrible. Yeah, that’s horrible. At least it was the eraser end. I’ll get her in to see the good Doctor ASAP! Hey, Madeline, do me a favor. Pour a little bit of the Ardbeg Perpetuum into this terrine…

What’s that, you say?! Josh needs a physical? Me! Me! I’ll take him! Get your shoes on, Josh, and before we go, put a little bit of the Benromach Peat Smoke into this empty Balvenie bottle…

(Gasp) Madeline needs her immunizations?! I’m on it! Let’s get going, Madeline. Hey, Harrison! Come down here and put a little bit of the Springbank 10-year-old into this container for the good Doctor while Maddy and I are getting ready to leave…

Harrison, you’re feeling a little warm. I think you have a fever. We’d better get you to the Doctor. Jen, would you mind pouring a little bit of the Smokehead into that empty Bulleit bottle in my cabinet…?

How’s everyone feeling today? Anyone got an upset stomach? Or a headache? That splinter in your finger looks terrible, Harrison. Madeline, you may have pink-eye. You’re looking kind of pale, Josh. Aww, you bumped your head on your closet door again, Evelyn? I’m concerned. I think we should get you checked out…

I’ve shared before that our pediatrician is a Scotch drinker. In fact, you can pretty much guarantee that the reason you and your offspring are waiting 45 minutes in the other examination room is because my spawn has been given the medical attention he or she needed and now the good Doctor and I, well, we’re talking whisky.

Sorry about that.

mitchellswhiskyI try to bring the Doc samples, and he does the same. This time around, I’d taken Josh in to be stabbed a few times with needles – you know, making sure he doesn’t contract meningitis and all that – and while the nurse was busy spearing the boy, the Doc was in his office fetching me a generous sampling of Mitchell’s Blended Scotch Whisky, which is an amalgam of Campbeltown single malts. Good man.

I’ve become quite fond of the Campbeltown whiskies, and this blend is no exception to my affection. It’s well-formulated and quite flavorful.

A gentle swirl in the glass and this onliest batch gives a gentle puff of a pulpy blackberry and almond crumb transfusion. Just beyond this is a loaf of freshly baked challah bread. And who doesn’t like butter-drenched challah bread?

A sip and savor brings to mind a familiar Springbank smokiness, and the berries and nuts noted in the nose assume this outlying vapor.

The finish is relatively short – like many sweet-malt confectionaries often are. The cassonade nature of this blended whisky leaves it to serve at the conclusion of a fine meal, capping an evening fare of prime rib, steamed carrots, garlic potatoes, and fresh bread.

A fine after-dinner dram. Or after a doctor appointment.

Speaking of…

Hey, kids! Who wants to come help Dad cut some wood on the table saw?! What’s that? Sure, even the six-year-old is welcome to try. In fact, you can go first. See if you can figure it out, honey. Oh, Madeline, you’re adorable. We don’t need protective eyewear. Goggles are for wimps. No, Harry, don’t tell Mom what we’re doing. She’s very, very busy. But hey, how about we build her something from the wood scraps? Run and fetch the nail gun.