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20160314_164149-1I did a pretty thorough search online and it would appear that you are the only storage facility in town.

There are other facilities in the surrounding townships, but as far as actual city limits go, you’re a lonesome proprietor here in our sleepy little hamlet.

I wonder if our local MacDonald’s might consider putting the same message on its sign. Or maybe the gas station in the center of town. They’re the only of their kind in our burg, and I’d be willing to bet that in that same election, they were voted the best, as well.

Speaking of the election, when did that happen, exactly? I voted in the recent primary, but I didn’t see the “Storage Facility” candidates listing section of the ballot. I guess it’s not important, although I remain curious about things such as these, especially when I drive by this particular sign almost every day.

20160313_193019I’m somewhat curious about the word “Reserve,” too.

In its verb form, it more or less means “to hold back, to save, to keep preserved.” In its noun form, it infers a stock or cache set aside that isn’t to be used unless necessary. With that, I’m assuming that the regular stock there in Woodford ran dry and Labrot & Graham needed to dig into the stuff they set aside. I’m glad they did, because this Distiller’s Select edition is okay, and if that is the case, I can only imagine that the regular stock may have been barely choke-downable.

I can tell you, it smells great right out of the bottle – honeyed raisins, mocha, and cream. Swirling in a glencairn, however, the valve marked “Rubbing Alcohol” gets opened slightly, and unfortunately, it’s enough to lose interest in the experience before it really even begins.

But you can count on me to go forward.

The palate shuts off the valve – thankfully. There’s a crisp bit of the mocha from the bottle’s nosing that takes a rather interesting turn toward something like buttery sweetcorn with a dash of pepper. This ramps up in the finish and hangs around long enough to take another turn back toward the nose’s honey. The pepper stays.

At the time of this writing, this is the only bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon I own. And while it didn’t necessarily usher me into fandom nor am I likely to spend money on this particular rendition ever again, I am at this moment willing to cast my vote for it as the best bottle of Woodford Reserve in my whisky cabinet.