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I’ve not shared a poem in a while. Here’s the most recent — a poem in honor of my son, Harrison, on the occasion of his 9th birthday.


There is no one like you,
At least none that I know,
And I’ve been many places, ah, yes, ’tis be so—
Great cities with scrapers that make the sky glow;
To lowlands and valleys that dip well below.

But there’s no one like you
Who can outfox the most.
Why, your wit and your way is the tops, I dare boast.
While so many are reaching the rank of “almost,”
You’re off to the stratos, a vanishing ghost.

’Cause there’s no one like you,
There’s not one I can see
Whose smile is the sunshine ’pon glistening sea
For Momma and Daddy who are so blest to be
Of the ones who will love you for eternity.

And so, dear boy…

There is no one like you,
I can say as to flout.
Why, perhaps I’ll just rise up and let out a shout,
And I’ll tell the whole world as I dance all about
That there’s no one like Harry – ’Tis true, have no doubt!