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20151206_194203Evelyn was clearly enjoying the song, but was also in complete disagreement with the supposed lyrics.

“You like this song, don’t you, honey?” I asked catching her eyes in the readjusted rear view mirror.

“Yeah,” she said and bobbed her head back and forth to the rhythm. “But I don’t think I would stay awake for broccoli.”

“Yeah, me either,” I said muffling my amusement. “But I might stay awake for pizza. Or a a grilled steak.”

“They’re not saying ‘broccoli,’ Evelyn,” Harry reproved. “Their saying ‘Brooklyn.’”

Awe, man. You ruined it. She would have given me more, for sure.

Oh, well. Can you guess the song?

Yep. Evelyn was bopping along to the moniker 80s guitar riff wrapped in a vivacious drum track accompanied by the Beastie Boys shouting: “No… sleep… till Broccoli!”

Close. Not right, but very close, and still a lot of fun.

Now, as this little yarn relates to the Jura 16-year-old “Diurachs’ Own” edition, you may assume that I liked it. It’s just that something was a little off.

When you carry this edition to your nose and give the whisky a swirl, there is the kindly introduction to a sweetened orange juice and malt invention. Very inviting, to be sure. You’re intrigued.

But then you bring the glass’ jig to a pause and swipe a careful sum and the lyrics slip just a little. The malt is there, and it’s quite nice. There’s also a little bit of something chocolaty. That is very nice, too. But in the midst of these agreeable verses is a slight bitterness suggesting that something was not quite right with the orange juice mix. The sugar is there in the beat, but it sure seems like someone swapped out a portion and used brown sugar instead. It remains catchy, very sweet, but because of this it gets a little out of step with what seems to be a warmer intention. Maybe the better way to explain it would be to remind you of the time when you were a kid and you took it upon yourself to make a refreshing jug of Kool Aid for the family but you couldn’t find the regular sugar so you improvised and used a strange blend of powdered and brown sugar instead. Remember when you did that? For a kid, the final product was just like drinking a glass of cotton candy flavoring. It was heavenly. But then your mom came along and took a sip and burst her heart. Had you used the right ingredients, the beverage would have been balanced and mom would still be with us. Poor kid. The guilt must be terrible.

Anyway, the short-to-medium finish is delightful. In fact, it saves the day. The “off-ness” loses its intensity quickly, being overtaken by a finishing honey.

Like I said, it wasn’t bad, just a little off. Rest assured that you can drink this stuff and be happy much in the same way you can crank the music in the minivan and sing “No sleep till broccoli!” without missing a beat.