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“You gotta read this one, Hael,” the massive winged creature said and nudged his fellow angel. Taking a sip of his dram, he read, “‘Will there be tofu in heaven?’”

“Not if we can help it,” they both said at the same time. They each chuckled a little as Cassiel took the note and tossed it on the large pile of notes behind them. Cassiel grabbed his dram and sipped just as another note dropped from the chute.

Hael and Cassiel had most recently been assigned to the “Will there be…?” department in heaven. Every angel gets stationed here at least once.

“How long is your shift,” Hael asked while pouring a little more into his dram.

“I’ve got about four more years. You?”

“I’m almost done. Another year and then I’m off to throne duty. Can’t wait.”

“That’s great, pal. They have the best whisky up there.”


“Here’s a good one,” Cassiel said somewhat garbled as he tried to swallow while speaking. “‘Will there be toilets in heaven?’” The angel thought for a moment, “I’d better send that one on. I seem to remember seeing one of those in Saint Peter’s quarters, but I can’t remember for sure. The soup bowls the Lord gave to the saints up here are pretty big.”

“Better send it on, bro,” Hael urged and took another sip.

“Yeah, better send it on,” Cassiel responded and tossed the note onto the smaller pile before them.

Another note fell. Hael was swift to snatch it from the air as it fluttered like confetti toward the ground. A few seconds passed. “Oh boy,” Hael said offering a bit of a smile. “Check this one out. It’s a long one.”

Intrigued, Cassiel took a sip from his dram and leaned over a little to listen while Hael read. “‘Will the Oban 14 year old edition Scotch whisky be in heaven? If not, it should be. I’m not so sure it’s a real popular whisky, but I did want to take a moment and speak on its behalf. The nose is good, very malty and sweet. And the palate, well, it’s kind of gentle, with a hint of smoke. It seems like there’s a little bit of citrus fruit in there, too. And the finish, well, not a long one, and it is kind of dry, but it gives a little bit of something sweet, maybe caramel. As I said, I know this whisky isn’t the most popular, but I think it deserves a chance.’”

Cassiel lifted his dram first and offered a smile. Hael took hold of his in one hand and then lifted the bottle of Oban 14 Year Old with the other. The two clinked and Hael offered, “He’s gonna like it here.”