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You know the saying, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” That will inevitably be the case for this particular release from The Balvenie. Apparently, only 1,920 bottles of the 17 year old RumCask were released in the United Kingdom, and although I do not have precise data, I would imagine even fewer made it to the United States, making this a truly passionate embrace that is here now, but as the bottle’s tide recedes, so also is her tender and loving embrace a vanishing joy only to be remembered in dreams.

As one of six in a limited edition series, The Balvenie RumCask is to be revered as the most delicate among her sisters.

The color of her skin is light and golden, luminous and lovely in the gentle sunlight, betraying the tropical essence of her upbringing and meticulous finishing amidst the higher-class dwellings of Jamaica. When she walks into the room, her perfume lingers so luxuriously and seductively, drawing you close with the scent of honey sweetness, demanding your attention as the flower makes her promises to the bee.

The seduction ends and the love affair begins. Her kiss, a palate of spice and freshly cut fruit delivered so carefully, so fully. The enticement of her embrace is immediately rekindled by the finish. It is there that she gently whispers the same lovely invitation that began the enchantment. The lingering essence is soft, smooth, irresistible, easily repeatable.

And so, as the days and weeks pass with this Speyside beauty, the hour comes for that one final kiss. The dram empties and you so painfully learn to affirm the joy and sorrow of a love known and lost.

But wiping the tears from your eyes, you gather your wits and remember, “This beauty has five sisters.”