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Allow for me to gently lend
A hand to those who would
Venture to enjoy a Scotch
I’d gladly say is good.

When your review of a whisky is about to begin and the first bits of assembled vernacular moved within your spirit pour forth as 7/6/7/6 verses, both lyrical and light, the Scotch must not be too bad, wouldn’t you say? Well, let’s see what else is in this bottle of Talisker Distiller’s Edition…

Talisker, distiller’s love,
With tarnished copper view,
My dram, nested sweet confine,
‘Tis be awaiting you.

There is honey in your breath,
And salty verse’s care,
Sherry vigor’s careful wink,
And peat smoke’s fearless stare.

Your touch — fir’y, restlessness,
A welcomed, smoky rage
Of peat and flow’ring citrus;
Revealing you, a sage.

And yet, as when you depart,
Your wisdom doth remain,
With pep’ry warmth resounding,
“Come, visit here again.”

And so, I believe I shall,
Drawn by this long goodbye
Return here to you, my friend
Another knot to tie.

For the poetically challenged, this whisky was abruptly sturdy, and yet superbly smooth. The nose offers a full body of honey, salt, sherry, and peat. The palate is aggressive, but nice – smoky with hints of citrus fruits. The finish is long, and as you hopefully gathered from the poem, it is somewhat peppery. But the pepper isn’t burdensome whatsoever. Instead, it is complimentary of the sweeter, fruitier side.