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The sun was shining through the car windows. Having dropped Josh, Maddy, and Harry off at school and accomplishing a few office details,  we traveled homeward via Fenton Road.


“Yes, honey.”


“Yes, Evelyn?”

“Dod is so funny. He’s so funny, Daddy.”

“God is funny?”

“Yeah, Dod is so funny. Isn’t He funny, Daddy?”

“Why do you say that? Why is God funny, sweetie?”

“Betuz He likes us and He divs us stuff.”

“Yes, He does like us. In fact, He loves us.”

“Yeah, He’s so funny tuz He nuvs us. He nuvs us, Daddy.”

“But why is that funny, Evelyn?”

“Betuz we’re weeod. He’s so funny.”

(Two hours pass.)

“What do you want for lunch, sweetie.”

“I want peanut butter and jehwee hotdogs.”

“I don’t think we have any hotdogs.”

“Yes we do.”

“No, we don’t, honey.”

“Otay. Dod is so funny, Daddy. I like peanut butter and jehwee hotdogs.”

There you have it. Sin and grace. We are weird and undeserving. God is gracious and merciful — even giving us peanut butter and jelly hotdogs…if we want ’em.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!