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IMG_2698Quick, write a review! The bottle is nearly empty!

“Lasanta.” Hmm…. It would seem that the Scotch “thinkers” at Glenmorangie who select the names for the particular editions are at it again. [Please see the Glenmorangie Finealta review.)

As the label itself indicates, the title of this particular edition is Gaelic for “warmth.” Well done. Indeed, this divine edition renders itself almost as a delicious dessert cake that has recently been removed from the oven, allowed to cool only slightly before being served to the delightfully joyful recipients who can still sense the warm hearth’s glowing embrace and glow amidst the rolling sweetness. This Scotch is truly set apart.

Divine. Set apart. Wait a second…

Ah! Divide the Gaelic in a strategic location and you get “La Santa”! This is translated from the Spanish as “the saint.” “Saint” comes from the Latin “sanctus.” “Sanctus” means “holy.” “Holy” means “set apart.”

Those sneaky Glenmorangians. They have so slyly driven us to follow along the way through titular parsing to identify and acclaim the genuine Spanish connection innate to this edition: This whisky was finished for two years in Oloroso Sherry casks from Jerez, Spain. Brilliant.

As expected from such a longer finishing, the nose of this fine dram is incredibly rich and sherry-esque, but not so much that you think you are actually smelling the sweet wine, but enough that you think someone may have mistakenly poured some into the Scotch bottle by mistake.

The palate, as you can probably guess, reveals the sherry as well. Although I would once again offer that the taste isn’t overwhelming. I’d say it’s just right. The finishing reaches out to take hold of the original bourbon cask distillation and then spends its two years dancing a delicate promenade toward the revealing of honeyed fruit, perhaps peaches, and warmed halva–that is, a dessert cake of almonds, honey, cinnamon, butter, and creamed wheat.

The finish is the memory of dessert. You ate it. You loved it. It may be a little too rich to have any more just yet, but you certainly are looking forward to the time when you will be able to enjoy it again.

For the price (or should I be more specific and say the “underprice”), Glenmorangie’s Lasanta is well worth the expense. And with the Christmastide celebration swiftly approaching, it would make a wonderful gift for that special someone… eh- hem… whose bottle, as you can see, is nearly empty.