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Last night, my wife asked me to watch a “Dave Ramsey” video with her when I got home from a meeting. Although I do appreciate Ramsey’s money management techniques, and I fully support my wife’s efforts in this department, I’m not too interested in actually watching his videos for fun — like I’d watch a movie. But being the husband that I am, I did what all husbands do, right? I tried to make a deal. Here was my chance.

“I’ll watch the video with you if you’ll first sit and enjoy a glass of Scotch with me.”

I thought it was a reasonable exchange. I know that she would rather drink a glass of sodium ferocyanide than drink any kind of whisky and she knows that I’d rather light my face on fire and beat it out with a golf shoe before watching a Dave Ramsey video. Here was my chance to give her a sweeter distillation that could quite possibly win for me my marital drinking buddy.

Negotiations in full swing, uncensored and gritty, I went to my cabinet and retrieved my bottle of The Glenlivet Archive 21 year old thinking the deal was swinging to my favor.

But as the object of her disdain was uncorked and poured, I could see that she was already beginning to retreat, becoming more and more unwilling to make any concessions. I urged her to give it a try, but in the end, she turned up her nose and rejected what could have been the first step to a much fuller life amidst the gifts God so wonderfully gives.

So, what did she miss? The nose of this fine Scotch is rich, and yet it gently expresses a bit of fruitiness. The palate allows for the consumer to know precisely why The Glenlivet is such a revered distillery. It is a fine concoction, revealing a little bit of nuttiness immersed in what you begin to suspect is citrus – a tangerine, perhaps. The finish is light and clean, with a little bit of the fruit staying behind to remind you why you were drawn past the scent to a sip.

In the end, Dave Ramsey was watched on my wife’s tablet, but not by me. I consumed the two drams I poured while winding down to Fox News. Come to think of it… I suppose that if you are ever in the presence of someone who is expecting you to offer them a drink but your wits are already keen to the friend’s disliking of Scotch, retrieve The Glenlivet Archive 21 and make haste to pour two drams. You will look generous when you present the gift, and when they say “No thanks” you will appear both generous and thrifty as you offer something else and then consume both drams.

Thrifty. Hmmm… Sounds very Dave-Ramsey-esque. Maybe I am being drawn more closely to Ramsey than she to Scotch.