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Have you seen the movie “Rocky”? It’s the story of an up and coming boxer who trains hard, eats right, goes the extra mile, and in the end, gets his chance at the title fight. Of course, everyone expects an exhibition by the reigning champ, a bout expected to last only a round or two. But to the world’s surprise, Rocky gives the champ a sterling run, and in the end, even though he loses at the judges’ tally, he is still standing and the crowd chants his name. That’s Glengoyne; an underestimated contender destined to be the champion.

The Glengoyne 17 year old is a perfect example of a Scotch distiller doing everything right. It is a full-bodied dram that comes out of its corner strong, and then maintains itself with an enduring smoothness and a subtle expression of fruits (perhaps citrus) and spicy oak touched by vanilla.

The price reflects an up-and-coming boxer who trains in the darkened alleyways of the early morning hours in Philadelphia. It’s something to watch, and I would suggest that you get some now, because when the world wises up and it wins the championship bout, you’ll be stuck at home watching it on TV, only wishing you’d gotten tickets.