The Cruciform Way: A Steady Cadence of Christ for Life, Volume II

The Cruciform Way is far more than a brief devotional rendezvous. It digs deeper than that. It requires a little more contemplation of the “self,” while at the same time promising to help steady you with the same divine muscle that has steadied believers throughout the history of Man. It does this remembering that life is short, but eternity is long-timeless, in fact. And its ultimate goal: a Gospel that gives and emboldens a faith that will keep the heart and mind of the believer in Jesus Christ for and into this eternity.


“The Cruciform Way is a great source of encouragement for Christians today as they navigate the confusion of our culture, and Pastor Thoma does a great job with providing rich inspiration for his readers.” —CHARLIE KIRK, Founder and President of Turning Point USA

“Another brilliant work by Reverend Thoma! Ours is a nation and world trying to push God into the margins. But God won’t be pushed, and He reminds us of this through preachers like Reverend Thoma. Society’s movement toward secularism is having disastrous results. It’s leaving people confused and hopeless. Thankfully, Thoma is not afraid to be faithful. This devotional shows he’s not afraid to stand toe-to-toe against the world’s evil and give people the truth of God’s Word. And he continues to do this with passion while so many of his clergy contemporaries have long since thrown in the towel and succumbed to the safety of politically correct ‘wokeness.’ In short, Reverend Thoma uses The Cruciform Way to come down from the pulpit, take the reader by the hand, and walk them back to the only One who gives real hope: Jesus Christ.” —SHERIFF (RET) DAVID CLARKE, Former Milwaukee County Sheriff and Author of Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime & Politics for a Better America

“Pastor Thoma never shies away from challenging his readers to dig more deeply into the Scriptures, and The Cruciform Way, his delightful devotional, is no exception. With his signature awareness and conversational style, his words become familiar to the reader as he moves from week to week bringing rich biblical theology to interface with the practical of ‘life.’ And his goal: to bring all of us closer to Jesus. Whether or not you have a trusted devotional resource, give The Cruciform Way a try. I highly recommend it.” —DANIELLE D’SOUZA GILL, Author of The Choice: The Abortion Divide in America

“The Cruciform Way is a delightful book. Thoma’s writing is excellent. He’s a crafter of language, resulting in the devotions within being as far from spiritual fluff as they can get. Fitting squarely to the Word of God, and following the seasons of the Church Year, Thoma peers deeply into theological truth, and yet remains unfailing in his ability to relay these truths in a personal way. This alone leaves the reader pondering the things written long after visiting with them. This Scripture-drenched devotional is just what Christians need for facing the trials of this life faithfully-and courageously! I highly recommended it!” —REVEREND PAUL CLARK, President of Lutherans for Life of Michigan and Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fowler, MI