Where Dreams Ponder People

A simple collection of rhythmic reveries sure to delight, each having been observed and snatched from the everyday joys (and sometimes sorrows) of family and vocation. In pace with the likes of Shel Silverstein, Reverend Thoma employs various poetic forms to tell stories, thereby leading the reader to behold the comforting hand of a loving spouse, a little girl coloring her page, the ancient contours of the city of London, a captured bolt of lightning, and so much more.

Sample Stanzas

“May I kiss you, my dear?
May I offer embrace?
May I send you t’ward uplands of limitless space—
Where the dreams ponder people, where pastures give chase
To borders so distant, but no finger may trace?”
’TWAS A LONG DAY,  Stanza Two

“Make haste! I must be off to sleep!
For so a date I’m bound to keep,
Is with my love for whom I care
Who hastens, too, to meet me there.”
MAKE HASTE!, Stanza One

“But right in the midst of the dreadful throes,
Angry, she came, yet so kindly she goes.
We look from the hills, no longer her foes
While she swims into the sky in repose.”
SUMMER STORM, Stanza Three

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