The Angels’ Portion: A Clergyman’s Whisk(e)y Narrative, Volume III

“The stories,” Reverend Thoma writes, “are never applied to the whiskies. The whiskies reveal the stories. In other words, the stories are already there. I imagine each as awaiting retrieval from a lockbox on a shelf in the storehouse of my mind. Each whisky serves as the inimitable key to its own box. In the process of sniffing, sipping, and finishing a dram, the story is fetched and the whisky’s heart is rendered. Sometimes the story includes Darth Vader. Another time there may be a shark named Gary, or an unfortunate brawl with Santa Claus at Walmart.”

As it was with The Angels’ Portion Volumes I and II, so goes Volume III. Thoma, with his signature style and creativity, never fails to delight nor lose pace in his effort to enlighten and entertain.


The Angels’ Portion isn’t your typical batch of whisky reviews cobbled together by region. It’s a compilation, a gathering of chapters, each one a humorous and colorful insight into the Reverend’s life and love affair with whisky. Speaking of such romance, you can’t simply neck his reviews. They are stories to caress and appreciate. So, slow down, take your time, and savor Thoma’s words. They will remind you why you love whisky and all the little things in life that make stories worth retelling.”
Co-founders of

“Far more than just a buyer’s guide—but still a great one at that—the Reverend presents his perspectives on various whiskies playfully and with refreshing frankness. Within the pages of AP III, Rev. Thoma lays bare his true and unabridged self. A true wordsmith, his lines are delightful prose, drawing you to fall for the man, his family, his parish, his state, his country, and his world. But then something even greater beckons. At last, you fall in love over and over again with the water of life called ‘whisky,’ and as you do, you’re reminded of creation in every sense of the word.”
Founder of Whisky Whistle

“What do Red Lobster, hairy chest, bird crap, and school picture day all have in common with whisky? Well, on the surface, nothing, which is why you’ll be amazed when you discover how whisky is so intricately woven into the very fabric of existence itself. This is a whisky review book for those who don’t particularly enjoy reading whisky reviews. But it’s also for those who do. Through his imaginative storytelling, Thoma draws you into a seemingly unrelated thread, and before you even realize it has happened, you find you’ve gained significant insight into the whisky that inspired the tale in the first place. Much like a Glencairn glass of your favorite spirit, this is a hard book to put down.”
Contributing writer for Bourbon and Banter

“A poignant line: ‘The whiskies reveal the stories.’ No, you won’t be reading about the history of this or that distillery and its whisky. Instead, what you’ll find is a vast array of stories, each woven together with threads from experiences with family, friends, and a few fictional participants. Some are humorous. Others have an edge of seriousness. All are fun, entertaining, and brutally honest as they reveal the essence of any of the particular whiskies included—like the one that tastes of “citrus and a shard of clove that’s been piercing the hide of a glazed ham strapped to a barkless, sap-drenched pine tree stump in the middle of the woods for over week.” Good whisky, bad whisky, either way you’ll be there, and you’ll taste each and every one being described. And then there’s something new as compared to his first two volumes—a revelation of sorts that’s sure to be appreciated by those of us north of his border. The Reverend has discovered a fondness for Canadian whisky! In all, the third volume of The Angels’ Portion doesn’t disappoint. Although, one haunting question may remain long after you’ve finished reading: Why did that kid want all those golf balls?”
Senior Writer for Preferred Magazine

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