Pride and Prejudice

From the Introduction:

“Long before Austen first put pen to paper in pursuit of a work equal to or greater than her beloved Sense and Sensibility, readers have desired the mystical realms of brave interchanges that see lower classes unseat those above them, wrestle with liberties of love, and mine the gems of ‘self.’ Pride and Prejudice measures all of these themes and more. And while all are important, perhaps the greatest achievement rendered by the novel is the truest dignity found in humbly submitting to the knowledge of one’s faults, and in reply, laboring to change for the better—and not necessarily for self-improvement, but rather for the betterment of others…
   “A fanciful classic for a reason, Pride and Prejudice will by its eloquence continue to delight for ages to come, being certain to lure many of its readers to say as others have said: ‘I was born in the wrong century.’ ”