In the Media

The Scotch Test Dummies
October 9, 2016
Grail Quest Books Editor, Eric Postma
December 1, 2016

103.5 FM WMUZ — The Bob Dutko Show
Part One     Part Two     Part Three
93.1 FM WIBC in Indianapolis
Part One     Part Two
KFUO AM in Saint Louis – Book Talk
Full Audio

The Alcohol Professor
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus
The Spinal Column
The Commercial News – Danville, Illinois (Sort of a crisis of conscience, but still a nice review of the book.)
The Washington Times
World News
ABC 12 – Flint, Michigan
CW7 – West Michigan News
Everyday Devotional
It’s Just the Booze Dancing…
The Elkhart Truth – Elkhart, Michigan
The Breeze Courier – Taylorville, Illinois
The PaperBlog
California Beverage Retailers’ Association (Highlighted as a worthy volume.)

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