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Time for Bed

“I’ve no time for you,”
The little girl said
While playing with friends
In the soft flower bed.

“I’ve blossoms to choose,
And petals to pick,
A frog-prince to chase.
Oh my dear, he is quick!

I’ve sculptures to shape
O’er there near the stone.
And dances to do,
So please, leave me alone!

Mustn’t bother me now.
Make haste to your keep!
I’ve so much to do;
Do not call me for sleep!

You mustn’t forget,
Nor ‘turn all too soon.
Away with thee, then
For I’ve tea with the moon.”

“My liege,” father said,
With gentle dismay,
“It is for your good
That I beckon this way.

The sun’s in retreat,
Beg pardon, my queen,
For menacing foes
Will soon be on the scene.

Though sov’reign you are,
They’ll swoop to attack.
They’ll feast on your arms
And your legs and your back.

With each little nudge
Your blood they will snatch
And leave you forlorn
In the darkness to scratch.

A terrible fate
This is, Oh, my queen.
I wish not for you
Oh, such trouble I’ve seen.

And so with these words
I’m here to retrieve,
The moon’s dearest friend
From this ‘squito filled eve.

But kindly, I’m sure,
The moon, she will be.
There’ll be other days
Well beyond this decree.

Arise, now, my queen
And lay aside wrath.
The day was well spent.
It is time for your bath.

(“Awwww… I doan wanna doe inside,” Evelyn whines while taking huge stomping steps and hunching over as if in great in pain.)

30 September A.D. 2013

The poem was inspired more so by my daughter Madeline as she played outside with her friends. Its ending is all Evelyn as she traipsed behind her big sister.