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Don’t det me, Daddy, otay?
I’m dunna move over here, so you tan’t det me, otay?
Now, don’t det me, otay?
Do you see my pitchow I drew for you, Daddy?
Don’t tum over to see it, Daddy, tuz you’re donna det me, if you do, aren’t you?
See where I am, Daddy? Do you see me? I’m over here by the tompuder with the pitchow.
But don’t tum to det me, otay?
I’m dunna draw anudder pitchow for you. Do you want to see?
But you tan’t see it tuz I don’t want you to det me. If you tum over here, you’re dunna det me, aren’t you?
Otay? Otay, Daddy? Otay?

Here I come to get you, little girl.

(A striding scream amidst laughter.)