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There is a member of my parish who is relatively homebound and I go to visit her quite often. She is an exceptionally kind and pleasant woman who loves to talk about so many different things–her wonderful family, books, and yes–even poetry. I’ve loaned her several different volumes over the last few years–Frost, Dickinson, and others. She has enjoyed them but has claimed an inability to write her own. I believe the creativity is there.

As a Christmas gift, I wrote a poem for her and also compiled an audio CD for her of famous speeches. She thanked me profusely and then surprised me at my next visit by returning the favor–not with a CD, but a poem! She presented it to me with a humble heart, saying it was hard to write but hoped it was good and that I would enjoy it. I loved it. I’m not publishing it here because I’d need her permission, of course, and I haven’t asked her just yet. I do believe I will ask. In the meantime, not all that long ago while she was hospitalized, I took the opportunity to give her a copy of Bartlett’s Quotations, which I believe to be an intuitive volume that helps to blow wind through the garden daisies of the mind. She has read through it and seems to appreciate it.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the little morsel included below–which is the poem I gave to her. It is, for me, the opportunity to share with you some of the delightful fruits that emerge from being someone’s pastor and friend.

Much History

Much history we’ve known, and though
Our eras aren’t the same,
The times and measures of their worth,
We call to them by name.
For in these days of Word and cup
Our time is spent with care
To learn of He, and learn of thee
And hasten further there.
And in the midst of this blest hour
The tempo slows at last
To offer simple remedies
Against the cadence fast.
Dear Donna, thank you for this time
Blessed by our gracious Host,
Who is the Father and the + Son,
And God, the Holy Ghost.