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To Confess I Love You Little

To confess I love you little,
Would surely be untrue.
‘Twill not allow a proper creed
To speak my love for you.

Most certainly my heart unfolds
And holds to you most dear
The melody of sweet confines
Within your arms to bear.

If the skies were laws of measure,
The ocean depths of blue.
Their earthly canons ne’er constrain
The infinite of “you.”

And to confess my love to be
The fullness of this lot,
My boast would lack eternity
And argue what’s been wrought.

A certain phrase that has no end
And flawless in design,
Is what I wish to offer you
To symbolize what’s mine.

No limit will be what I seek.
I bring to you as such.
To tell you with simplicity:
“I love you very much.”