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Evermore With You Most Dearly

Evermore with you most dearly, the skies may rise and fall
Winsome glances still retaining when your voice doth call.

Eighth among the sea forthcoming, ‘proaching harbor’s rest,
With dauntless captain, keel scheming, valiant in the test.

From first to last, tempests plunder, rich we are and though,
Waves will rise and also fall and crash upon the bow.

And when the tide is raging, sodden ‘midst the rocky sea
We’ll sit in calm and stillness there, dear Jennifer and me.

With great care to sail amidst the ravaged hulls that won’t withstand
We venture further than the distance, e’en more than what was planned.

Foaming waters waging warfare, dreadful might and careless danger.
Thrashing, pounding, twisting, turning. Rising up to wield its anger.

Our ship, so sturdy; our helm, unshaken. Others watch from well below
The churning water’s quaking mirror reflecting that of which we know.

My love is you. Your love is me.
The skies rise and fall once more.
Gently gliding into harbor
There we embrace as before.

And rest, because we can.

God has granted safe passage.