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Because we pastors sometimes get anonymous notes…


Of the Mind that You best Me?
(Humility, Absolution, and the Confidence of Psalm 27)

Of the mind that you best me?
‘Tis only a scratch.
Takes more than a jot
To even our match.

Where’s your name? What’s your face?
No record, I see.
No  courage, no honor
To ‘scribe unto thee.

Cowardly, dastardly,
This thing you have done.
Sent right to my home,
Received by my son.

And you spared not a drop,
From your mad chalice
Foul language and spite,
Cruelty, malice.

And yet there is a Word
That snatches the day
It reckons to light,
Dispels the dismay.

It calls somewhat gently,
“Of whom shall I fear?
My stronghold, the Lord,
This battering year.”

I pray that you’ll hear this.
I pray that you’ll see,
He lifts the humble;
The proud–to the knee.

“Though armies besiege me,
My heart will not fear.
Though war rise ‘gainst me,
My rampart is clear.”

There is One who knows you,
And He fights for me.
He fought for you, too
‘Gainst splintery tree.

You believe that you’ve wronged me?
Soft heart, do I sense?
Whate’er can divide?
Whate’er can dispense?

Be not afraid that I’ll
Haughtily chide you.
Please, be not fearing.
May peace abide you.

For I am not golden,
With sinless abstain.
I am not a man
Who never gives pain.

But a man, nonetheless
Baptized fear dwells within.
Called to be faithful,
Not called to “win.”

So let us be gathered.
Bring this to an end.
Come with me in search
Of others, my friend.