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Dearest Momma, Fair and Gazing
(Joshua’s Silent Song)

Dearest Momma, fair and gazing,
Fiery heart, burning, blazing,
Searing love that’s so amazing,
Brilliant as the sun.

Godly tenderness your weaving,
Dismal burdens so relieving,
Open arms for me receiving,
So to you I run.

Constantly of mind to hear me,
Yearning sense for posture near me,
Ever vigilant to cheer me
If my day is dark.

A chin is lifted from below,
A soothing balm your child to know,
A fire kindled, soft the glow
Begun by you, the Spark.

Though all my days are swift and sure,
There is a tone that hearkens pure,
The all-enticing choral lure,
Sounding from above me.

To this truth I’m ever clinging,
Resonates the seraphs’ singing.
Goodness unpolluted bringing,
When you say you love me!

Say it again, Momma.